A colorful studio in Rotterdam

Posted on September 17. 2021



A colorful studio in Rotterdam
When Rotterdam-based product designer Foekje Fleur and her team set out to find new chairs for their studio, they couldn’t choose just one, so they just as well ended up getting three different chairs. With Active™, Variable™, and Move™ Compact their colorful studio is fully equipped to meet their needs as they tackle tasks ranging from administrative work to creative prototyping. 

Hi Foekje! Please, tell us a little bit about yourself and your studio.

Hi! I’m Foekje and I work as a product designer. My designs are all about encouraging small changes in our consumption behavior. Bubble Buddy, for example, is a soap dish that helps people switch from liquid soap in disposable plastic bottles to waste-free solid soap bars. We try not to restrict ourselves by sticking to a certain technique, but instead embrace a range of different techniques. I love discovering new ways of working that can fit the concept I have in mind. Our color scheme usually remains the same across projects though, it consists of washed colors that refer to wear and tear.


Your collection of products all have a playful demeanor, but when looking into the reasoning behind how they came to be, they all seem to be rooted in serious topics. Tell us about your process and how you work with sustainability when developing new products.

My approach is very personal, I usually start with something I’m concerned with on a personal level, which often happens to environmental issues. To tell more people about whatever is on my mind, I design a product or collection around this theme, while I encourage customers to make a change. In this way, my little change at home can be multiplied and have a bigger impact. 

Tell us about your workspace. What does a typical day in the studio look like to you?

I actually spend most of my days in a pretty ordinary office setting, doing typical office things behind a computer screen. On other days I work on prototypes, run tests or do a little production work. My studio is situated in an architect’s office who had some extra space, our area jumps out though because it is very colorful. 

What was important to you when choosing new chairs for your workspace?

We were looking for ergonomically designed chairs that would last a long time. I don’t often purchase new products unless I know something is going to last. They had to be pretty and colorful too. When I first discovered the Varier collection upholstered in Revive with recycled PET from Kvadrat I simply couldn’t choose so we picked three different chairs!



How do the Varier additions function in your workspace?

I love how the Active™ chair helps me move fluently throughout our space. The super-smooth wheels provide a lot of freedom, while the shape of the chair and the way it supports the body improves my posture. Sometimes I switch to Variable™, it gives me new energy to continue the day while it opens my chest and helps me lower my shoulders. When I feel stuck or if I'm overthinking something Move™ Compact is nice because it allows you to wiggle a bit, move around, compare samples, stand up and sit back down again.



Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?

I like to mend clothing and noticed that more people wanted to do this as well, but they didn’t quite know where to start. This was especially true for the woolen items in their wardrobe. To make it easy we designed a fun tool kit. It’s called Wimpy – The wool wizard. Wimpy is a very knowledgable and slightly nerdy sheep who provides simple instructions on how to care for and repair the woolen items in your wardrobe. It comes with four tools that we designed especially for the purpose and a bunch of needles and carefully sourced materials to get you started right away. So don’t shop for new sweaters this winter but update the ones you already have! 

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